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E79 Best Selling Third Genation Eye Patch ,Eye Care Products2012

E79 Best Selling Third Genation Eye Patch ,Eye Care Products2012
Product Detailed
Eye Patch 1.removing eye pattern, eye bags and dark circles 2.Quickly replenish moisture and nutrients

E79 Best Selling Third Genation Eye Patch ,Eye Care Products2012


Third generation product in particular set a the productive security code. (Bump production Coding hit in on the eye of every board, and difficult to imitate). Bulk cheap assured.Bulk, no packaging bag (pictured). Into the goods directly from the manufacturers, and bags of exactly the same quality, eliminating the need for the slick packaging fees and advertising fees, tried and tested and compared, if you do not give it away, with very affordable.


Ingredients: bone collagen (Collagen), hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid), provitamin B5, cells, skin growth factor, NMF moisturizing factor, multi-vitamins, ginseng extract, seaweed extract, plant polysaccharides gel.


Products and role: The eye charm crystal eye stickers fusion number of international advanced technology, more focused on solving women's eye pattern, eye bags and dark circles three eye cosmetic problem, and after a long practice proved short-term use, that effective mitigation eye pattern, the calm eye bags and improve the black, long-term use can make your eye skin firm and smooth, eyesight brilliance

Quickly replenish moisture and nutrients, especially for a long time, uninterrupted. Enhance skin vitality, eliminate harmful free radicals. Softening activated cells heal fine lines, to improve dull rough skin, making your skin firm smooth shiny, young and dynamic.


Collagen, nutrition and moisturizing. The skin around the eye moist, and water retention. And release of the active ingredient, to activate the activity of senescent cells. Stimulate collagen elastin increased to enhance the elasticity of the eye skin, tighten the skin, eliminate fine lines and delay the produce. The tender skin around the eye.


Nutrition, moisture and heat and toxic effects, long-term use can reduce scar heal wrinkles, restore elasticity, fair complexion firming, anti-aging skin.

Nutritional supplements can see film absorption process is gradually absorbed and thinning, and magical effects visible feel! ! !


Crystal can absorb thinning asleep paste a long time will not suck back, really good.


Principle -Eye pattern:Charm eye crystal eye mask with the nanoscale collagen with biological complexation penetration technology penetrate into the dermal layer of the skin / deep well, nutrition and water required to replenish the skin, restore skin elasticity, eliminate wrinkles; charm eye crystal eye mask natural essence can activate cell activity, and promote the regeneration of fibrous tissue and collagen to prevent wrinkles, anti-aging.


Black Eyed circle:The natural essence of the eye mask can improve blood circulation, strengthen the eye skin metabolism, so as to effectively get rid of dark circles.


Eye bags:Charm eye crystal active ingredients can stimulate cell activity, and promote the regeneration of fibrous tissue and collagen to promote the eyelid to tighten in order to effectively improve the eye.


Product Features:Quick one have effect.Nutrients are easily absorbed. Contained essential nutrients are readily absorbed by the skin.

Use safe and without side effects. Completely natural, pure creatures, no harmful chemical ingredients.

Unique appearance. The appearance is crystal clear, like crystal.Long-term use, be able to avoid the generation of the bags under the eyes and dark circles, and can delay wrinkles; simultaneously suppress dry eyes, eye astringent, so that the skin around the eye soft, delicate, bright eyes even more vivid


Applicable to the crowd:1, the prevention of eye skin aging of the general population;2, eye lines, eye bags, dark circles and eye fatigue due to the following factors in urgent need of maintenance crowd:


• 25 years of age or skin aging persons;• lack of sleep, living without the law, and often stays up late;• poor diet, smoking, excessive persons;• The long-term use of the eye makeup or improper use of cosmetics;• menstrual period women;• Long-term reading, writing, driving, using the computer, watching TV, etc. easily lead to eye fatigue.

How to use:• After cleansing, remove the Mask, the width near the nose part, the narrow part near the end of eye, double point outside the horizontal push, so that the eye close to the skin, eye, middle finger Gently press Mask double food. Use, lying down, eyes closed.• Skin will take the initiative to absorb eye stickers nutrients and natural thinning until the eye patch. The longer absorb more, the better. Suitable for all skin types.• Remove the eye patch and gently massage cream ingredients easier penetration.

Recommendations for use:• first-time users, and continuous use of 15 days, 15 days for 2-3 times a week, in the evening before going to bed, rest or eye fatigue (those who need it, and can be used every day).• after each use can be placed 20 °C freezer or dry storage, frost below 0 °C is strictly prohibited. Each piece Mask 1 Mask will be thinner with Mask contains nutrient absorption.• The use of parts is a little fever, speed up blood circulation normal reaction; such as a sense of other discomfort, please suspended; if skin injury or sensitivity to caution.

Storage:• Please flat in a cool, dry place, avoid high temperature or sunlight; recommendations stored in the refrigerator fresh food compartment, but the non-frozen below 0 °C or above 60 °C save; avoid the blows, and the weight pressure.

E79 Best Selling Third Genation Eye Patch ,Eye Care Products2012

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