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E71 New mosquito repellent patch 2012

E71 New mosquito repellent patch 2012
Product Detailed
E71 New mosquito repellent patch 2012 1.100% herbal,having no side 2.convenient to use

mosquito repellent patch


What is insect paste? Insect paste is a natural plant cross formula scientifically formulated long-term environmental insect paste products, system combining natural mosquito plant extracts and polymer gel matrix, coated droplets and constant speed slow-release control technologies developed from natural mosquito plant extracts (lavender essential oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, citronella oil, etc.) for mosquito repellent materials. Just be repellent Veg in the clothes any part or near the body position, can be formed within 4-6 meters in diameter circle of anti-mosquito protection can last 12-48 hours, effective mosquito control, green, non-toxic harmless, home essential daily necessities.

The repellent paste is easy to use, simply repellent paste directly into the pockets, or unfold the paste film, paste in socks, underwear outside of or blouse, Kujiao, skirts the inside, but also can be affixed to the bed, office furniture, tables and chairs near the body location.

Any place for families, classrooms, offices, workshops, hotels, parks, jungle, waterside, meadows, fields, movie theaters, roadside cafes and other use. Is particularly suitable for the summer mosquito control in outdoor venues and pregnant women and infants. The repellent paste has also become the best-selling natural plant repellent products in Japan and Southeast Asia.Repellent paste products background

The repellent paste focused on the field, field operations, outdoor leisure life anti-mosquito developed. General repellent plus gum paste using non-woven natural mosquito plant extracts base, constant speed volatile release control technology developed from. Just repellent patch attached to the clothes, mosquito protection circle in the last 24 hours, effective mosquito control, mosquito repellent, more convenient, safer, healthier, if without chemical insect repellent DEET on The human body without any side effects.

The repellent paste has been used in Europe and the United States developed popular a few years, more than 10 years of production history, but all the export-oriented. Repellent stickers, such as South Korea, Taiwan and other markets in mainland China OEM. The core technology is still rests in the hands of the manufacturer.

Insect paste recipeCitronella nano essential oilsLemongrass (scientific name Citronella), is the most effective natural insecticide plants.Brief: the effect of treatment of rheumatoid quite good, the treatment of migraine, anti-infection, improve digestion, deodorant, deworming. Anti-infective, convergence skin, conditioning greasy dirty skin. Give fresh sense to restore the balance between body and mind (his illness recovering from the stage). Is the most widely used essential oils in aromatherapy and medical methods. Also can be used indoors when air freshener.The citronella smell can get rid of mosquitoes, fleas, reduce bacteria in the ward.

The citronella The Efficacy:The 1 the lemongrass most important characteristics is worming, best suited to spray or incense in the summer.Can purify the soul, effective relief of headaches, migraine and neuropathic pain.Known insect oils and not harmful to humans, the smell of warm, quite recommended as indoor wide fragrant insecticide use, also can be used in pet flea parasites expelled.

You Jiali nano essential oilsYou Jiali (scientific name Eucalyptus globulus) is mainly grown in Australia, Australia Koala main food, so its extracts without any side effects.The eucalyptus the name of the source from the Greek, "" especially "means perfect," Gali "said the coverage, the entire name means it is tightly covered stamens. Eucalyptus essential oil is a strong shock to appease the role of agents, digestion, sterilization issues.Australian mainland and the island of Tasmania (Australia) Origin eucalyptus hundreds of species, but only a few can be used to extract the essential oils. Summer heat, whose leaves have essential oils evaporated blue mist, which is the result of the evaporation of essential oils. That is, the well-known Australian blue forest. First imported into the UK Eucalyptus essential oil is known as the "Sydney Mint. Many subtropical and temperate countries in the region has been successfully planted eucalyptus trees of the Conference. Eucalyptus essential oil production centers, including Spain, Portugal, Zimbabwe.You Jiali leaves with aromatic oils, sterilization repellent effect, can be refined sesame oil.

And traditional productsTraditional repellent products mainly rely on DEET (DEET) ingredientsDEET is the chemical name N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide, or diethylmethylbenzamide (diethyl toluamide), referred to as the Chinese called DEET.DEET (DEET) repellent products as most mainstream, but it still contains a low amount of toxicity, there is a great threat to human safety.Imports Clubhouse, TO-PLAN, THREE-M repellent paste using all-natural plant extracts,Rely on natural plants repel mosquitoes, do not add any toxic chemical ingredientsSafe and effective non-toxic, suitable security repellent products for all ages!Safer and healthier, more effective!



Torn packaging bags, remove the repellent patch directly into the pockets; Peel off the adhesive film paste sticky levels in socks, underwear outside or blouse the divided skirts inside and can be affixed to the bed, desk chairs and other furniture neighbor position. Each one, each affixed to the sustainable use of 72 hours (best aging 6-8 hours per day a specific use case depends on the circumstances). Do not attach the skin wound!For the crowdAlmost all the crowd!


The scope of productsa troop camping zipper essential supplies;b, household insect repellent use, especially families with children, to avoid the side effects of conventional products on personal injury on the skin;use of wild adventure, the next month leisure, travel, walking, night fishing and other activities;d, offices, classrooms, dormitories, cafes, cinemas, hotels, hotels, parks, gardens, and other places; e, the mosquito bites other places.

E71 New mosquito repellent patch 2012

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